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The two children asked me if I ever. hoped that I would be a deaf person. like you. The mother smiled and. used sign language as soon as she understood me.. I used to pray that you would. be deaf But When the doctor. said that you are a. normal person

The two children asked me if I ever. hoped that I would be a deaf person. like you. The mother smiled and. used sign language as soon as she understood me.. I used to pray that you would. be deaf But When the doctor. said that you are a. normal person, my mother was extremely sad. when she heard this answer, she was. not angry, instead she was happy and. swooped into her mother's lap, this is Ruby mom and dad. Her parents are all deaf to her brother. is lao also moving this. thing only this little girl Ruby's parents were. born healthy and normal from a young age Ruby has. become a translator for. family members Ruby has. to wake up at 3 am every day and go to. the sea with her family members to. catch fish. After finishing work,. she goes back to school in. a tired state because she has to wake up from the morning. So early.

, Ruby often falls asleep in class.. More pitiful than that, she is always shunned by her classmates. because of the smell of the whole family's ankles She also has. to receive regular looks from. people around so. Ruby is becoming more and more sensitive to everything every day,. even the boy she likes,. Maiko, only dares to stay behind and look at the. only thing she can. makes her happy. Listening to music while catching fish she. often sings a. very sweet voice But father and brother both. can't feel it because their lives are. only quiet today.. The. singing officer for the graduation ceremony Ruby. saw that you signed up so she also. signed up to join, but when it came time. to practice, she was afraid that the. teacher asked everyone to sing the. song. happy birthday to audition every. student is easy Singing this.

Simple song but it's Ruby's turn she does n't dare to sing her voice under the urging of her teacher and the gazes of her chosen classmates how to run away Then alone she came to the calm lake and also only in a place where nothing who would she dare to put her voice on until the next day I went to the teacher to apologize for yesterday the teacher didn't mind and gave ruby another chance and now she dared to raise her voice and sing everyone else's but her technique was a bit poor and she didn't know how to catch her breath then the teacher had to teach Ruby how to breathe in dog sounds asked him to leave, remember this special training of teacher Ruby was finally able to sing in front of everyone, everyone was surprised to hear the voice of this selfdeprecating girl and her voice.

Rooney's wonderful singing made the teacher. look at her in a different way. The teacher still. hoped that Ruby would enroll in the Academy of. Music without separation and he even said he would waive. her tuition fees for the opportunity to fulfill. her dream. I was pursuing Ruby,. then accepted and the teacher also. decided that Ruby and the young man will. sing a duet together for the concert. performing in the fall. and of course ruby wouldn't pass up such a good . pportunity then the two of them went to Ru. y's house together to practice and they leane. back to feel every beaut. ful American sound that came out and that was a. great feeling for the happy girl Bi was. at the climax when the next room. suddenly made strange sounds,. it turned out that Ruby's parents were having sex with each other.

Ruby was very embarrassed and she was in a hurry.. reminded her parents and one thing that. made her even more confused was that her parents thought that. she and Mai were in love. Not only that, but the. two of them taught her how to have sex. safely. Ruby was extremely embarrassed,. she pointed out. Wanting to find a hole to hide. in, she must have. no face to get lucky from now on and she could. n't believe that yesterday's story. was spread throughout the whole school. Ruby. looked at tomorrow with a very intense look.. She was disappointed that she didn't expect that the person she. liked could brag like that and. this made Ruby's mood extremely. high afterwards. Um went to the teacher's house. to practice. But no matter how she sang,. she didn't have the feeling that the teacher had.

To resort to his strange teaching methods. and he succeeded in. reviving Ruby's echoing singing.. one more time but then it. happened to Ruby's family that that day the. local board of directors gathered. the fishermen and they said that from now on they would increase the number of fishers by. 20 percent.. catching bun Vy did. n't make much money, now they have to. pay a lot of tax money,. what do they put in their mouths. But if they don't pay. taxes, no one will help them sell fish. right now, Ruby's father can't stand. it. got up and he decided he would. sell the fish he caught himself so that he. wouldn't have to spend a dime. on the council Yeah your father was joking and. forgot about the consequences after that their family had. three children How to sell. so many fish and no one.

Else Mobi has to take care of all the work At that time, in addition to the job of fishing, Ruby also had to develop an application to find people to buy fish in her family, everything went to Rubi's hands, so she was late for school every day and Conan was sleep deprived and often fell asleep in the schools. that day, she also called to handle the work in front of the teacher, now the teacher can't stand it anymore besides you, I have a lot of things to deal with but like you keep wasting my time . I won't let you anymore Ruby can only apologize and promise there won't be a next time but to do that will not be as simple as she thought, along with Ruby's stalemate and pressured fish business.

Growing up, trying forever to finish all my work, was about to go to the teacher's house to learn to sing, when the people of the television station came and they came here to film the story of the Ruby family. for the family business is very important Ruby is the only interpreter in the industry so they can't be without her at this time so she had to call back to help her parents with the interview and this made her late to school again. Now the teacher gave her Hai the choice of helping parents or focusing on practicing to develop the singing path I went to Ruby to tell my family with all my heart, but as soon as I heard that my child wanted to study music, the father immediately reacted.

Tea Music is nothing to them. And they do n't know what Ruby's voice sounds like. The most important thing is that the family business has just taken off and needs Ruby to stay at home. continue to help the family in the business This greatly disappoints Ruby it turns out She is just a free interpreter for the members of the family Ruby has put all her years into expressing herself. hey I don't want to be a translator for everyone anymore it's my passion and it's everything to me the next day Ru by not going to the sea to fish with everyone anymore and this is also the first time she went on strike.

Hieu's father and brother immediately encountered. an unexpected incident. Because there was no ruby. ship, they did not listen to the w. rning of the coast guard they violated the. law of the sea and got their fishing license suspended.. I went to their family and brought. all the mistakes. dong he was always gone, she was very. upset because it wasn't her fault the. next day the family Her family was called to. the police station they not only had to pay a. fine of US$3,000 but they also had to find. a Professional Sailor or. else they would have their fishing confiscated.. Now and more difficult now, the father has. decided to sell the boat to let. Ruby pursue the musical path. As. Ruby refused because she understood her family. was facing difficulties and she decided to. postpone her studies. music left at home to help his.

Parents catch the wrong brother heard that, he was. very angry and left the house the. next day, Ruby went to the sea for him the older brother turned out to. be the older brother who was angry with. himself because he had heard other people talk. about Ruby's natural musical abilities,. but there was no way he. could help his brother fulfill his dream.. feel helpless and only blame. myself I even the mother who went. to Ruby's room she gave her a. dress she will wear to an. upcoming performance and she is very happy that. she has confirmed achieved her goal. very quickly also went to. Ruby's concert with Mai Ruby's family all. attended to see her sing Ruby put on. the dress given to her by her mother and looked so. beautiful Mai and I performed on stage. very emotional listeners are. immersed in their voices.

Even some people are in tears. but Ruby's family can't. feel her song because their world is. always just in. that silence is a kind of silence that makes. others uncomfortable until the. people there clap their hands oh He realized. that his daughter had a very. beautiful voice. One evening he asked her the name of. today's song and asked her to sing it to him. Even though he. knew that her father could not hear it, Ruby. still agreed to sing it to her father.. can only use his hands to feel the trembling. of his throat, use his heart to listen to. the sounds that resound this is the first time. he feels. his daughter's burning dream the next day the father. prepares for her girl a sudden joy their. whole family will take them to take the entrance. exam to the Music Academy But when they. arrive, the school won't let.

The students' family members in, which makes it even more anxietyprovoking. cheering the teacher personally came to accompanies her, but Ruby still hasn't developed her ability, so the teacher deliberately played the wrong music to give her one more chance, I don't know how when at home Ruby was able to go inside to see her family Ruby regained her confidence while singing while using sign language sign to convey the meaning of the song to her family because she wanted her parents and brother to hear her voice. Finally, Ruby successfully entered the National Academy of Music under the encouragement of her family. two children asked me if I ever. hoped that I would be a deaf person. like you. The mother smiled and. used sign language as soon as she understood me.. I used to pray that you would. be deaf But When the doctor. said that you are a. normal person